Welcome to Starlight City

Starcraft is a city building towny roleplay server. You can be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do. In an ever expanding map that is over 20,000 blocks wide I implore you to travel, make friends, build, or do whatever your heart desires.


This server would not have been possible without the help of our fabulous group of modellers, artists, builders, developers, and players. IncludingBuilders:Minatomirai03: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/minatomirai03/Crucial: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/crucial/Kasma360: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/kasma360/
HanaTheBanana: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/hanathebanana/Kayohi : https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/kayohi576/Spiky Peach: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/spikypeach/Oopsonlydelta: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/oopsonlydelta/PekitP: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/pekitp/Ann92: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/ann92/Agvit: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/agvit/

Getting startedWhen you join you will spawn at the city center, Look around and talk to NPC's or online players. If you have any questions, ask chat or moderators for help.Staff InteractionOur Staff here in starlight city play a very important role in monitoring the city and helping it's people. Feel free to ask for help at any time, some mechanics may require staff interaction.Making MoneyWhen you first join you are given $1,000. While this is a large sum of money, it is too little for certain goals such as buying land or a car. Instead, you should talk to an NPC and get your first job. These basic jobs include activities like chopping wood, fishing, or mining. Talk to the traveler NPC at spawn for access to the Resource world, a place where players can break blocks freely. Don't build here though as this world is regularly reset.chest shops and marketsWith your newly acquired resources from the resource world, you can sell to other players or Npcs at spawn. If you own or rent a plot of land, you can set up chest shops where players can buy even when you are offline.Advanced JobsSome jobs pay better than the basic jobs but require extra steps, these are called advanced jobs. Some of these jobs include government positions such as policemen, mayors, and even the president or you could take a less governmental approach and become a doctor or nurse. These require you to complete their respective exams or be elected by your fellow players.HealthSometimes while you play, you may get sick or injured. This will require you to visit a medical professional, either at a hospital or find a player who works as a doctor or nurse.LandThere are three main ways to buy land in Starcraft. The first way is by venturing into the continent and selecting a chunk to claim as your own, this can be infinitely expanded and costs $5,000 a chunk. The second way to buy land is to purchase one of the selected plots within the city. The cost of these varies, the downside is that the build must be up to code with it's district. The final way to obtain land is to rent out properties. These rentals could be from other players or one of the server associated housing locations.Controlling your fateIf none of that is for you, feel free to venture far away from city limits, maybe even venturing to other continents. From here on out the world is your oyster. You can start your own nation if you choose, so long as you have a sufficient amount of players. Who's to say what you could do from there.Criminal UnderworldMysterious strangers appear at night. Are they friends, foes, or something else entirely? Some may sell you foreign objects, some may ask you to help them out, but watch out as breaking the law could end you up in prison.HeroesWith villains there must also be heroes. These heroes often have abilities beyond our belief. Do you have what it takes to get one of these rare abilities and complete your hero license?


Homicide1.1 - Murder1.2 - Manslaughter1.3 - Attempt to commit murder or manslaughterContraband2.1 - Firearm Trafficking2.2 - Possession of Illegal Firearms2.3 - Selling of Illegal Firearms2.4 - Attempt to Sell Illegal Firearms2.5 - Possession of Controlled Substance2.6 - Selling of Controlled Substance2.7 - Attempt to Sell Controlled SubstanceGovernment Laws3.1 - Blackmail3.2 - Conspiracy3.3 - Government Inpersonation3.4 - Frivolous Government Application3.5 - EnslavementCommerce Laws4.1 - Fraud4.2 - ScammingCombat5.1 - Unauthorized Entry into a Bank5.2 - Assault5.3 - Bank Robbery5.4 - ATM Robbery5.5 - Trespass5.6 - Kidnapping5.7 - Ransom5.8 - VigilantismMedical6.1 - Transmission of Contagious Disease6.2 - Falsifying Disease6.3 - Creation of ContagionQuirks7.1 - Unprohibited Use of a Quirk7.2 - Seizure of Another Person's Quirk7.3 - Use of a Quirk without a License


Rules are slightly different from laws as rules are exclusively enforced by moderators and result in temporary or permanent bans. We hope not to need to enforce any of these.1. respect others
All forms of harassment including racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, or transphobia are prohibited and will result in bans.
Keep discussions of real world politics and religion out of main chat.I understand players will act as characters on the server but please keep all jokes and characters within the bounds of public decency.2. Fair GameplayAll forms of hacked clients are prohibited, this includes X-ray, autoclickers, flight, reach, aimbot, and any other hacked client unlisted.Similarly any form of bug exploitation is prohibited and will result in a ban. If you find a bug and report it to a moderator you could receive rare items or rewards.3. Respect for server and modsTo help keep our server in the best condition it can be, please respect it and our moderators by not using lag machines, autofarms, or other mechanisms that slow down the gameplay of all players.Our mods work very hard to make sure everyone is taken care of so please respect them. Do not intentionally bug the mods and treat them with the upmost respect.4. AdvertisingAny and all types of advertising are prohibited on our server. This does not include advertisements for roleplay, however please keep these in moderation.5. Have funMake sure to relax and have fun. This server is for you guys. I want to make sure all player's voices are heard and taken into consideration. This is a roleplay server so embrace the weirdness and have a great time!


HOMicide1.1 - Murder
Per Offense: 10 minutes In Jail
1.2 - Manslaughter
Per Offense: 5 minutes in jail
1.3 - Attempt to commit murder or manslaughter
Per Offense: 5 minutes in jail
Contraband2.1 - Firearm Trafficking
Per Offense: $500 + 10 Minutes Jail time
2.2 - Possession of Illegal Firearms
Per Offense: $500 + 10 Minutes Jail time
2.3 - Selling of Illegal Firearms
Per Offense: $1,000 + 15 Minutes Jail time
2.4 - Attempt to Sell Illegal Firearms
Per Offense: 5 Minutes Jail time
2.5 - Possession of Controlled Substance
Per Offense: $50 Fine
2.6 - Selling of Controlled Substance
Per Offense: $75 + 5 Minutes Jail time
2.7 - Attempt to Sell Controlled Substance
Per Offense: $30 Fine
Government Laws3.1 - Blackmail
Per Offense: $150 Fine
3.2 - Conspiracy
Per Offense: $90 Fine
3.3 - Government Impersonation
Per Offense: $500 Fine
3.4 - Frivolous Government Application
Per Offense: $50 Fine
3.5 - Enslavement
Per Offense: 20 Minutes Jail Time
Commerce Laws4.1 - Fraud
Per Offense: $100 Fine + 5 Minutes Jail Time
4.2 - Scamming
Per Offense: $150 Fine + 7 Minutes Jail Time
Combat5.1 - Unauthorized Entry into a Bank
Per Offense: $75 Fine
5.2 - Assault
Per Offense: $200 Fine
5.3 - Bank Robbery
Per Offense: 15 Minute Jail time
5.4 - ATM Robbery
Per Offense: 5 Minute Jail time
5.5 - Trespass
Per Offense: $75 Fine
5.6 - Kidnapping
Per Offense: $300 Fine + 15 Minutes Jail time
5.7 - Ransom
Per Offense: 10 Minutes Jail Time
5.8 - Vigilantism
Per Offense: 5 Minutes Jail Time
Medical6.1 - Transmission of Contagious Disease
Per Offense: $15 Fine
6.2 - Falsifying Disease
Per Offense: $50 Fine
6.3 - Creation of Contagion
Per Offense: $2,500 Fine + 35 Minutes Jail Time
Quirks7.1 - Unprohibited Use of a Quirk
Per Offense: $90 Fine
Second Offense: $180 Fine
Third Offense: $400 Fine + 5 minute Jail time
7.2 - Seizure of Another Person's Quirk
Per Offense: $1,000 Fine + 10 Minutes Jail Time
7.3 - Use of a Quirk without a License
Per Offense: $50 Fine

More Info

Skin ContestsOn the second and fourth Fridays of every month, skin contests will be held at spawn. You will be graded on skin style, originality (if it is your own homemade skin), and how well it fits you as you are on the server, whether you are a crook with matching skin, a police officer, or maybe a wealthy magnate. As a reward for winning, players will be given rare items, money, or even crate keys.Build ContestsOnce a month player's will be given the opportunity to showcase their builds against the other players in the game. They will be graded on style, creativity, how it blends in with the surrounding area, and its meaning or purpose. The winners will receive money, items, or crate keys.You cannot win two months in a row unless significant changes have been made to your build.Roleplay RewardsOnce a month, players can come together and showcase how they are adapting to the world of starlight city. Show how you are changing the world in your own roleplay fashion. Whether it be by making your own government or religion, finding a niche and becoming a businessperson, or doing anything else you can dream of, come showcase it.The players who showcase their abilities and creativity the best will be rewarded with custom rewards. Maybe your reward is funding of your religion or setting up new trade routes just for you, the sky is the limit.ContractsContracts can be formed between two or more players to create legally binding agreements between them. You can make practically anything a contract, however both players must sign it.To create a contract simply take a book and write out what the contract is for, the time limit if applicable, the punishment if not completed, the date, and the other players included in the agreement. Copy that message between multiple books and have each member sign their own book.
It could be smart to make multiple copies or take video/photo evidence to better help you if things go awry.
For any help, please contact moderators or admins to help resolve the issue.Mysterious StrangersLurking in the dark alleyways and gutters around spawn, mysterious strangers may lurk at night. Maybe they offer illegal materials, maybe they are there to make a quick buck and take some contraband off your hands, or maybe you are there to take them down, the choice is yours.Super SuitsSuper suits can be obtained at spawn either from crates or rarely through trades. These suits range in strength and abilities but for the most part are better than your regular armor. To wear them, simply right click an armorstand with your suit item and it'll be placed, from then on you can just right click the armorstand to put it on or take it off. Watch out though as each suit as durability and can break if overused. To mend your armor bring it back to the armorstand and place it. Many suits come with special abilities such as invisibility or night vision, activate these abilities by clicking the stained glass in the top right of your inventory.If you get lucky you may find a blank super suit, these can be turned into moderators and you can get a suit made to your liking, however it would then become accessible to anyone. If you would like a truly one of a kind suit, you can purchase a unique suit item from the store.

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